WAG-9/WAP-7 is the most powerful locomotive in Indian Railways.

Electric locomotive WAG-9 is most powerful locomotive used for hauling heavy freight rakes in Indian Railway’s fleet. The 6,350 horsepower beast is homed at LallagudaGomoh, Ajni, Bhilai and Tughlakabad .WAP-7 is the modified version of WAG-9 is used for high speed passenger service. WAP-7 is capable of hauling 24 coachs of a train at speeds ranging between 140-160 km/h.


Locomotives alpahnumeric characters name(WAP-7,WAG-9,etc) signifies:-

First Alphabet signifies(WAP-7):-

  • W stands for Wide Gauge(5ft 6in),
  • Y stands for Yard Gauge(3ft),
  • N and Z stands for two sizes(2ft 6in and 2ft) of Narrow Gauge.

Second Alphabet signifies(WAP-7):-

  • A stands for AC electric,
  • D stands for diesel,
  • C stands for DC electric,
  • CA stands for both AC and DC traction.

Third Alphabet signifies(WAP-7):-

  • P stands for passenger,
  • G stands for goods,
  • M stands for mixed(both goods and passenger),
  • S stands for shunting,
  • U stands for multiple units(EMU/DMU),
  • R stands for Railcars.


Some are like ‘WDM 3A’ means:- W stands for Wide Gauge(5ft 6in) D stands for diesel 3A stands for the locomotive’s power is 3,100 hp (‘3’ stands for 3000 hp, ‘A’ for 100hp more) The last digit is usually associated to the horsepower of the locomotives. Its almost equal to the last digitx1000 HP. This stands for most locomotives, but some are exceptions and are many. ex. WAG-9 doesn’t have near 9000HP, it have around 6300HP.

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